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Do it Differently: A 3-Stage Program for Service-Based Providers to Achieve Their Recruitment Goals.

By working through our Top Talent Coaching process, you can overcome the Recruitment and Retention hurdles holding you back and discover the potential you have to make a real impact on your business by having the right team in place.


Leverage Your Strengths

Step back and gain clarity by embarking on a new approach to identify who your ideal candidates are. Understand how to speak the language that will resonate with your target audience and learn how to select the right recruitment channel to reach your top candidates. Following our three simple procedures will feel empowered to move forward more quickly.

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Focus on What’s Important

Learn how to shift your mindset by analyzing how you make a winning Selection from a pool of highly qualified candidates. You’ll also discover new ways of marketing your business to appeal to the right talent and the dos and don'ts of an effective recruitment ad.


Achieve What You Want

Take an opportunity to analyze how your new employee onboarding program, company culture, and opportunities for career advancement impact your retention of employees. Increase your self and business awareness, become knowledgeable of what employees value the most in their employer, and examine others’ perspectives of your company's strengths and growth areas.

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From one Momma Bear to another: You've Got This!

Longing to learn practical ways in which you can focus on your family while remaining career-driven? How about becoming less overwhelmed and burnout while finding fulfillment in motherhood?

Career Corner Coaching is your comfortable space, "a corner," and a program created by one relatable mom, especially for you. I will work with you to develop a personalized plan that will be the first step toward accomplishing your career or business creation goals while focusing on your family.

In this program, we will take a step-by-step journey during which you will identify and let go of those limiting beliefs, self-doubts, and self-sabotaging ways that are holding you back from becoming the best version of yourself

Next, I will teach you how to get absolute clarity that will enable you to identify the type of career or business that is best suited for YOU, based on your qualification, experience, skills, and interest, as opposed to continuing on a path that is less than rewarding or that is competing with the demands of raising a family simultaneously.

Finally, with the services and expertise of a dedicated coach to guide you, the ultimate choice, whether to continue on a traditional 9-5 career path or pivot and develop the brand and offer that is uniquely you, is a fundamental and life-changing decision that you will be in a position to make confidently.

Be assured that my Career Corner Coaching program provides a two-fold option in which I offer a proven strategy for creating a business that allows you time, location, and financial freedom or providing you with a Human Resources Career Coaching strategy for pursuing a career that offers the right degree of balance and finance for you and your family. Ultimately, you will learn how to earn while focusing on your family and afford a good quality of life without burnout.

As nurturing mothers, we desire to spend time with our families and need to have significant sources of income to provide and care for said families. With life being too short and time-limited, we cannot continue pursuing jobs and careers that merely pay our bills while leaving us unfulfilled. I will teach you how to stop trading time for money and the strategy I have used to help other mothers just like you become liberated to live life on their terms, whatever those terms are.

Together, we will achieve more than ever before, and you will learn beyond how to survive; you will learn how to thrive.

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