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Leading Hiring & Career Strategist

My approach to coaching is a strategic one, in which I help you, my client realize what is possible, both in your personal life and your business. With an educational background and years of experience in Human Resource Management, combined with a specialized training from the School of Motherhood, I have developed a relatable skill to connect with a wide spectrum of people, especially other Moms and Hiring Managers.

I offer career coaching to working and aspiring mothers-to-be and contribute to your success story in teaching you the value of prioritizing, and putting your family first, always. With a family-first approach and mentality, you will soon begin to realize that everything else will align and begin to fall into its rightful place. You will know "why" you do what you do and for "who", while I guide you on the "how".

For my Small Business clients, I serve from the experience of knowing the value of having the right people on my team and therefore help you as a business owner to acquire the best talent from your respective industry. As a HR professional, I often see first hand the extensive negative impacts that an unsuitable hire can have on a company to include the financial cost and time it takes to recruit, train and replace said hire, reduction in team performance, and poor customer service that results in loss of clients. Furthermore, this opportunity to be working with you, Small Business Owners and Hiring Managers in an effort to hire the right talent for your businesses, brings me personal joy and fulfillment. 

 I offer coaching services that outlines a practical, step by step approach to relieving your hiring and/or career and family-related pain points. Simply put, caring for a thriving family while serving in a Human Resources Management role has equipped me with a distinctive set of expertise that I am now sharing with other Small Business Owners who are serious about accomplishing their recruitment goals and "MoManagers" like you who are focusing on families while managing your careers simultaneously.

While working with Small Business Owners and other moms alike, I have seen my clients make profound breakthroughs that have been immensely impactful on their businesses and likewise their personal lives.  

To learn more about my Top Talent Coaching Program for Small Businesses or Career Corner Coaching Program for Moms and how I can further serve you, please get in touch today.

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